Uhm, ok let's get this straight, here's my opinion for those written titles above. We will compare only the 'unlimited' versions of them. I'm currently using the Speedy personal with 1Gb quota, and 1024 Kbps bandwidth (but it's free from 8pm to 8am - next morning, so I consider this unlimited too). And for the backup, I'm using Matrix Broadband 3.5G with Isat Eco package.It's unlimited quota, the bandwidht was around 256 Kbps, but if your usage reaches 2Gb, they will limit your bandwidth until up to 64 Kbps. Both costs me around Rp 100rb per month.


After upgrading their speed to 1024 Kbps (well yes, actually the speed was never reach 1024Kbps~128KBps), but still - in terms of 'unlimited', speedy still the best. Imagine after a day full of hardwork, you're going home, arrived at home on 6.30pm, playing with your son/daughter, and finally after they sleep, you open up your laptop and start browsing without having any worries that your quota this month will reached. Speedy gave me 1Gb quota every month, and yet no matter how crazy I download something from the internet, as long as I do that from 8pm to 8am, it's free.

But still, speedy has some flaws. Usually during 8pm to 10pm, the connection can not be stable enough. Sometime I have to reconnect-force my DSL connection. Well, it's annoying if you're in the middle of downloading something or connecting to your office via VPN. For now, my Free Download Manager can handle this, but sure this is something to be fixed by the Speedy team. Can't wait until they launch the IPTV services, wonder what would it be.

Matrix Broadband 3.5G

I got this package for free, those Customer Service offered it to me via phone, and I took it. It's stable enough ( if you're not that mobile ), my VPN connection hold very stable on this. But the limited bandwidth speed is also annoying. Being used to with 1024 Kbps with speedy and then switch to Isat Eco with only 256Kbps sometimes make me sick. nd the worst thing is that if you fall into GPRS mode, you'll better choose TelkomNet instan for this. It's back to where your position is, and how strong the signal from your place. In my place here, I have 2-3 bars of signal, and yet the bandwidth speed I considered to be 'slow', not fast enough, although your modem shows that it supports until 7.2 Mbps...well, it's only on your dream :)

Having both of this services in parallel, I decided that both must be used optimally, and if I can, I have to earn something back from it. Still trying to look at how internet marketing works, combined with how to use google adSense in our websites.

Any clue/wisdom words for me ? Please fill in your comment.