Every event counts.... Outthinking. Outdoing....

Familiar with those words ? Well yes you're right. Those are the slogans for 2 billing company in telco industries.

Yes, it's been 3 weeks since I quit from my previos job in J University(some of you must have been familiar with this abbreviation) as one of Development team member. Currently I work for one of telecommunication company, CDMA450 based, in Indonesia (easy guess, there's just only 1 company using this technology in Indonesia). I join here as Interconnect Billing Specialist.

It's been almost 3 years since I decided to move on to my next career path. Hard decision I guess. Well, of course there's a reason and hope. Also, there's a prayer and faith why I decided to resign. It's the billing world that makes me fall in love with telco.

I remember my first chance in billing world was in 2006, when I sent my CV, apply to a company as a Billing staff, got accepted, but the situation was a little bit difficult that day, my wife will gave birth soon, and I thought that this wasnt the right time to move, so I stayed.

My second chance in billing world, came during a project in Indosat. Also, got recommended by one of my campus senior. Again, the time seems didnt fit. I got weblogic training to Hong Kong at the same month, it's a hard choice, but at least I still got my loyalty. It was the first time I got trained abroad, never miss those moment, I was more than happy that day, so I decided to stay.

My third chance, here in my current company. I thought this is the right time to move. I doubt those chances would come back again for the fourth time. I always thought that joining telco industries right at it's heart was a very strategic decision for my next career path. Some colleagues told me that life will felt so stuck and slowly if I took this chance, well I heard them and I really appreciate them, but still... life is a path full of choice, right ? :)

My current job title here is Interconnect Billing and Retail Tariff management. Basically, billing solution can be divided into two major parts, Retail and Interconnect. Retail billing is the part where it deals with direct customers for their current balance, charging, and so on. It;s more like daily operational task. While Interconnect Billing relates to another operator. We deal with any kind of event that involved other licensed operator (OLO). While Retail Billing's usually done daily, Interconnect's cycle is only once in a month. Dispute solving, Volume Compare, Tariff Management, is our monthly tasks. We work together with the Retail Billing team, we share the CDR data, but we work in a different way.

Ok, that's it. Time to go to bed, tomorrow, there's still CDR waiting to be rated.