Yesterday is my 12th day in Malaysia. My company has a join project with ECM for our client, Mi3G. Yesterday, we went to Subang HiTech to install the production server.When break time, we went to street corner to find some snack, and there we met a lady who sell pisang goreng and another gorengan. She's from Indonesia. She'd been here for 16 year, what a quite long story. Well, that's not the part that amaze me. From just selling pisang goreng, she can pay her working permit every 6 month for about 2000RM. First time she created the working permit, she must pay around 4000RM. What a number. Then suddenly I realized that, hey, Allah AlMighty is the most fair judge. Everybody that worked hard and always wish for Allah's bless and ridho should have it's own destiny.

Ok, keep fight, the solaris machine and the lucene are waiting ... Bismillah.