It's holiday from friday to sunday, some people might spend their time with thier families. Here, I spend my time hanging around the virtual world. Nevermind, so what ? this is my life :)

Some people told me that I should go out, hanging around with my friends, just to make my life more colorfull, well...that's not my kind of type. I'd like to spend my time here, with my lovely Celeron(tm) surfing the virtual world, with 2 mbps :D

Last night, in Yahoo Messenger, my friend told me about something happened, because of my status message in Yahoo Messenger. It's just because of misunderstanding , they just dont get the different between the words "outsourcer", and "outsorcerer". What a bad tragedy, I should be carefull to write my status at Yahoo Messenger next time.

This morning, I had a news, one of my friends gave birth her first baby. A new life is coming to this world. Congratz for you, ukhti Citra and Mr Darlis. I knew them since I was at college, Mr Darlis was my lecturer.

This afternoon, when I took shower, my eyes (kelilipen, kemasukan busa sampo-opo bahasa inggrise ?? ) got slipt off ? :D That time, I realize that....our eyes is one of the most precious thing that Allah gave us. I cant imagine how my life will be without this eyes. Sometimes, Allah just keep remembering us with small things,'s worthed U know , sometimes, with small things, Allah try to warn us, Allah is watching us, whenever...wherever...whatever....Ya Allah, astaghfirullohaladzim.

This night, about 10 pm, it's just me and my friend here in the office, we both freak :) Tomorrow...who knows there will be tomorrow ?

from 5th floor, Indosat building, with love, passion, and tenderness...